How To Show Important Emails In Gmail Priority Inbox?

Do you want to learn how to show important emails in your Gmail priority Inbox? Well, then you will be able to do so right this instant. And if you have other queries related then you can always give a call on the Gmail Customer Care Number. Then the dedicated experts will provide you with the topmost solutions in no time.

The following are the steps to make Gmail Priority Inbox show important emails:

  • First of all, you got to open Gmail and then select the ‘Settings gear icon’ that is seen at the top of the screen.
  • Next, you would have to choose the ‘See all Settings’ option in the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you will need to go to the Inbox tab.
  • And then you should select the ‘Priority Inbox’ option in the drop-down menu that is next to ‘Inbox Type’.
  • Then right next to the ‘Inbox sections’ you must find an unused section that is marked as ‘Empty’. And then you should select the ‘Add’ section to reveal the menu of the available options.
  • You will now have to select the ‘Important and unread or Important’ options from the menu.

NOTE: You should know that the important and unread means that you must be identified as both unread and important as well by Gmail for it to appear in the first section.

  • And now optionally, you got to remove the other inbox sections to only see important and unread messages first. You should select a section in the drop-down menu and then you also need to choose the ‘Remove’ section.
  • You must now scroll to the bottom of the page, and then go to select the ‘Save Changes’ button.
  • At last, back in the ‘Priority Inbox’ you need to select the ‘Arrow’ icon to collapse everything else.

You can now go ahead and view all your other inbox mail under ‘everything else’ in your Gmail Priority Inbox.

When you are through with the steps given then you should be able to manage the same easily. But if you encounter any problem then you just got to Contact Gmail Service Number Canada. And the technicians will assist you immediately with further suitable solutions.