Guide To Add/Remove Category Tabs Of Gmail On Computer

You can instantly sort your all emails into different inbox tabs, like social or promotions. So, whenever you have open Gmail, you will not able to look all the emails at once. Now, for doing so, you are required to go through this content and follow the steps properly and must contact Gmail Support Canada in case of any issues.

The steps for adding or removing category tabs of Gmail on computer are as follows:

  • Go instantly to Gmail and then have to move quickly to the top right.
  • After that, you need to then go ahead to settings and then to see all settings.
  • You are required to then properly tab the inbox tab.
  • Now, move to the inbox type section quickly.
  • You have to then go to default option.
  • For hiding all the tabs, just move to another inbox type.
  • Now, go instantly to the categories section and then have to look the boxes of the respective tabs that you are willing to show.
  • You are suggested to then scroll down to the bottom and then go and give a tap on save changes.

Also, you can just move an email to the new category;

  • Move your email by dragging it to a category tab for adding it.
  • You are suggested to then move all your future emails from the sender to that respective category. For that, move quickly to the bottom left pop-up notification > yes.

Now, for turning promotion bundling off, follow the steps as follows:

  • You need to first of all, move and open Gmail account and then go quickly to the top right.
  • After that, move to settings option and then go ahead to see all settings option.
  • Now, you are required to then move to inbox option quickly.
  • Finally, have to then untick the option of enable bundling of top promo emails in promotions.

We hope after following the above steps, you can easily add or remove the category tabs of Gmail on your computer. If still, you need some assistance related to Gmail then reach Gmail Customer Care Number for quick guidance.